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Converging on Convergence

Posted by buddyscalera on November 19, 2008

As interesting new web technologies become available, I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of sites I need to visit….just to keep them fresh. (There are some feeds and whatnot to streamline these services, but that just becomes another site to visit.)

Recently, I’ve been trying to leverage these services by incorporating features into my personal website. As web technologies pendulate toward the middle, I am one step closer to converging on convergence.

My goal is to make my personal website a little more compelling for people who come to check it out.


  • This weekend, I added my Twitter feed to my personal website. It’s just a little piece of Flash code that I was able to drop right into my web template. Very easy and elegant. (Note: I tried to use the Javascript code, but it just kept breaking.)
  • I also added a Facebook “badge” to my homepage. It’s really basic, but it looks kind of nice.
  • Then I synched my Facebook with my Twitter. Sort of sounds dirty, doesn’t it? Anyway, now, when I post to Twitter, it automatically feeds into my Facebook “current status.” Nice.

You can check out my handiwork at: http://www.buddyscalera.com. Feel free to look at the code and see how it’s done. Very simple and easy to do, even for an HTML novice.

Eventually this blog will probably migrate over to my website too. I really like blogging here on WordPress, but I get frustrated when I can’t control my widgets or outbound links better. So, we’ll see.

Now, I am off to find new convergence tricks.


2 Responses to “Converging on Convergence”

  1. It’s not about the quantity of sites to check-it’s about how you consume your data. A lot of people prefer RSS to visiting a site (it’s how I get your posts) or getting news about an update via twitter. What all of these technologies equate to is multi-channel marketing. You’re making your statement on a myriad of channels and mediums together. Of course, checking all of these mediums can be overwhelming…

  2. Chris…yeah, true. You make excellent points.

    From a marketing perspective, I’m hoping to utilize these disparate channels to help drive people to my website.

    Even though more traffic doesnt necessarily mean more people will buy stuff from my website, it is fun to keep people up to date with the materials I write and produce.

    Convergent technologies (at least how I am using them) are helping me cast a wider net to attract more people to my site. It can be a new customer or just a good friend.

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